The Business Immigration Group at PANNUN LAW FIRM comprises of experienced professions servicing an array of corporate clientele all around United States and abroad on immigration matters and related issues. Our goal is to provide highest quality and efficient immigration services under competitive legal charges. We have achieved recognition for outstanding services and responsiveness to our clients. 

Immigration law is complex and comprises of various rules, regulations, and exceptions. Our web site provides you with general information on immigration law. It is therefore essential for you to consult with legal counsels at PANNUN LAW FIRM who are knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any action.

Our Business Immigration Team Specializes in:


We are recognized for our practice in employment-based Immigration laws. PANNUN LAW FIRM has been assisting foreign employees of Corporations and Institutions to acquire temporary and permanent employment- based visas. We develop and implement strategies that result in the prompt issuance of non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

We believe in EFFECTIVE REPRESENTATION. Our clients can count on the experience, guidance and skillful representation from the firm's practitioners who routinely practice before the USDHS [United States Department of Homeland Security]; USCIS [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] offices throughout the United States; U.S. consular offices throughout the world; U.S. Department of Labor; BALCA [Board of Labor Certification Appeals]; AAU [Administrative Appeals Unit]; BIA [Board of Immigration Appeals] and the U.S. Department of State's Visa Offices. We also litigate cases before administrative law judges, administrative appellate bodies, and the federal courts.

Our Team acquaints clients with Immigration Briefs, and update on recent agency development and legislative procedures that could variably affect an individuals' legal status in the United States.

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